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Sunday, August 26, 2012


For people who like to be in control and want things done a certain way (like myself) learning to delegate can be painful. While trying to juggle two kids, school, home, work, and personal relationships I quickly learned that it was the only means of survival for me.

Delegating meant that I would have to trust others to take as much care as I did in completing tasks or learning to be okay with things being done differently. I can be a bit self righteous at times, okay, okay, more than a bit. So this was not an easy feat for me.

I realized that I would have to let go a little bit at the time and learn to be okay with it as I went. I also learned that when I asked others (especially my daughters) for help it gave them a sense of empowerment that they were able to help.

Delegate a little at a time and be careful to give people tasks that they will enjoy and be good at. Don't feel bad that you can't do it ALL. Asking for help is sometimes necessary to living a balanced life.

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